"We cannot shame ourselves into being lovable" an article published in The Elephant Journal

I've learned a lot about the power of the mind and the ability of my thoughts to determine and shape my experiences and relationships in Life. It is relentless daily work, the most beautiful and mystical work that can be done - the  real Alchemy. And, not to deter anyone from continuing this read, but, yeah, this is actually a conversation about quantum physics, --And its much more accessible and much less esoteric than you might think.

And so if you are anything like me in the way that you think about transformation and self love, you understand that creating positive change is visionary work, it asks of you to become your own Hero. And for this work to be done effectively you must be relentless about clearing the mind of negative self sabotaging talk, judgments and fears.  Shame, guilt, and fear never create positive change. Those emotions DO create negative experiences we would rather avoid, ones that can continue to repeat themselves.. until we stop them.

The way to create an ever more beautiful reality is to IMAGINE IT >  CREATE IT WITH CONSCIOUS THOUGHT > AND ACT ON IT.

I touch upon this quantum understanding in my first article published in The Elephant Journal entitled "We Cannot Shame Ourselves Into Being Lovable" Going through the editing process with the "Eleditors" as they call themselves at The Elephant Journal was a great learning process and I cant wait to publish more on this site. I definitely recommend reading through the site - there are many gems there on wellness, spirituality and grounded political issues with a bit of liberal flair :)

I hope you enjoy the read and I would love your feedback and insights after reading it!

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