created to help women learn to Love, honor, and listen to our bodies.



About chantal

I am a women’s healer, writer and Founder of the BodyLove Project.

I created this platform to help women come to know and love their bodies in deeper way. When body, mind and spirit are aligned, women are unstoppable forces of creativity and healing.

Every woman has access to the extraordinary power within her own body. The power is always there, but the stresses of modern day life, combined with the many generations of miseducation we’ve received about our bodies and our sexuality have had detrimental effects on our ability to trust our own bodies and its recognize their needs. We’ve become disassociated from our bodies, even fearful and ashamed of them.  But the tide is now turning and we all feel and see it.

I am a yogi, a certified massage therapist, a RYT Yoga Alliance certified Women's Self Care practitioner and BodyLove advocate.  But I am also a writer, a curve model, an entrepreneur and hold down a corporate job at a tech company. I have a foot in both worlds, so to speak.

I offer the women that I work with a unique perspective which comes from straddling both worlds and learning how to harmonize the two. There are many ways to heal and they all point to the heart, to love and to shedding old skin in order to grow into the true self.

The courses and workshops I create are designed for women who have busy modern lives, lots of responsibilities and need to get shit done while ALSO being women who recognize the need to honor, to respect, and to love themselves in a much deeper, more holistic way.

Powerful yet simple and accessible, the women's practices that I offer are designed for women by women, with the intention of empowering each of us to come home to our bodies and our truth.

This is what the BodyLove Project is created for. Welcome home.


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