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As women, our wisdom and true power live within our own bodies. We are always whole. Given the space to go within and to truly slow down, women have access to an infinite fountain of clarity, pleasure, and creativity. In this nourishing Self Care Weekend Retreat, rest and tune in with simple yet powerful techniques and practical, ancient practices that offer opportunity for deep connection to the source of our power as women.


The weekend retreat

Coming soon in Ojai, CA


A rejuvenating and restful weekend of women's self-care practices, connected sisterhood and whole-being nourishment on a gorgeous private ranch in Ojai.


The Practices: 

Learn an elegant and healing self-care program designed specifically for women. Enjoy fresh perspectives on women’s vitality, sexuality, and ability to self-heal. These practices have been created to help us connect to the power of our bodies and our instincts, and to help reawaken our desires—the root of creativity. Learn to take care of yourself first, especially if you are taking care of many others. You will leave this retreat feeling clear, revitalized…and inspired!


The Location:

Our sanctuary for the weekend retreat is a gorgeous private ranch in Ojai, CA, which is also home to a beautiful organic farm. All accommodations of various tiers are in and around this craftsman ranch house. Access to private pool and the vast serene grounds are available to all participants.


The food:  

Enjoy a weekend of organic, vegetarian meals prepared and served by private chef, Chase Elder,  with the intention of this retreat in mind. Much of the produce will be sourced from the organic farm itself.


The Practices

Learn how to create a unique self care program for yourself using simple and powerful practices, some of which have been passed down by women for thousands of years. These practices help nourish the nervous system, bring harmony to the sexual and reproductive organs, help release tension/trauma, and in some cases, offer profound insights and peak experiences.


supporting female vitality and well-being



Simple and sensual yoga sequences created to nurture and support the womb and entire pelvic area.


A profound and transformative guided conscious breathwork practice naturally releases dimethyltryptamine (DMT) into the brain, which offers powerful opportunity to release stress and emotional blockages, and can create spiritual breakthroughs and peak experiences of oneness.


Learn about the ancient Chinese practice for vaginal and pelvic health and healing using the yoni jade egg. Practice can be done with or without the yoni egg.

reconnect to the power of your cycle


Our Cycles, our Power:

Fresh perspectives on women's biological powers as the original yogic "siddhis" (highest of human powers). Reclaim the incredible wisdom and capability of our female bodies. 

Living by your womb:

Understanding the "seasons" of your cycle in terms of maximizing productivity, wellness and creativity in your life. Incorporating lunar cycles to help you tune into your body's unique rhythm.


Learn tools for releasing tension and stress in healthy and accessible ways. Understand what you need at different times throughout your monthly cycle in order to restore balance within.



the wisdom of relaxation

Deep Relaxation: 

Learn practical and profound techniques for deep relaxation, offering you enhanced ability to move through your daily life in a calm, connected, and focused way — rather than succumbing to our society's MO of being scattered, constantly multi-tasking and chronically "busy." 

Curating your personal self-care regimen:

Gain insight into what you need in order to feel nurtured, energetic and revitalized. Learn how to better adapt to the natural changes and shifts that life presents by staying balanced and at ease.


Mediations specifically designed for nurturing ideas and manifesting creative intentions.

Kaita .JPG

Guest teacher - kaita mrazek

Kaita Mrazek will be leading a guided intuitive movement class on Saturday afternoon that will help us keep chi moving as we dive into the work of this retreat.  Kaita is is a PMA-certified Pilates Instructor, E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, and dancer. She is also the Director of the Ambassador program for Ghost Flower Activewear. In addition to her movement life, she is a visiting researcher at UCSB studying the limits of cognitive and neural plasticity. We <3 Kaita!

Jazmin Ment.jpeg

Guest teacher - jazmin ment

Jazmin will lead a grounding and warming yoga flow on Sunday afternoon to help us root our energy on the final afternoon of the retreat. She studied and completed her 200-hour teacher training with master teachers, Ganga White and Tracy Rich. More recently, she completed a 100-hour advanced teacher training in New York City with world-renowned master teachers, Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee, as well as another 50-hour advanced training, this time as a mentor. Jazmin's classes are powerful and soulful and she shines like a shooting star!

Linnea Head shot.jpg

Massage - linnea villegas 

Retreat attendees are invited to book massage sessions at an additional cost with Linnea. Massage is a wonderful and effective way to move energy, relax more deeply, or work through anything that comes up while in retreat. Linnea is highly skilled, having graduated from SBBTI at the end of 2010 with her 550 hour certification and then obtaining her state certification from the CAMTC.  She was also trained at Esalen in deep bodywork as well as in prenatal massage at SBBTI. Linnea has had her private practice based in Santa Barbara since 2011. She is a magic worker :)





“An empowering experience that made me feel deeply connected to and proud of my feminine. Chantal leads you through the dark spots and breathes light into spaces that need illumination. While doing the breath work she asked us to associate what we were feeling in tangible ways like color and texture. I immediately saw blackness in my womb...but with each strong power inhale I began to slowly see sparks of warm light filling my womb”


"I loved the combo of movement then breath. Slept soundly that night, which is always so rejuvenating. The prayer was really powerful for me. It's the first time I'd taken the action of drawing my circle of women in to my heart (instead of my mind) Fabulous!"


"Seven months postpartum this class got me feeling so reconnected to my self and so empowered! Chantal has a gift for balancing a space for intellectual and intuitive exploration, holding a space where women can drop freely into mourning process and/or raw celebration - whichever is calling them."


"I loved my first Womb Yoga experience! Chantal is incredible, her presence and teaching style is instantly calming and she led us through a unique and powerful yoga class - I will definitely be back! Left this class feeling so empowered and peaceful." 


"Womb Yoga with Chantal is a wonderful way to reconnect with your inner sense of well-being and vitality. The sessions are by turns relaxing, transformative and deeply healing. I highly recommend!"


Three accommodation options are offered at this private ranch residence, which is a large home with multiple bedrooms of varying sizes. All accommodations include access to pool and the extensive grounds for nature walks. The exact location in Ojai will be shared with you only after completing registration, for privacy reasons. This is a property that I hold very dear to me and want to treat with utmost respect. For similar reasons, pictures of each room are not available. If you have specific questions or needs regarding the bedrooms please reach out to us and ask.

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Private suite

Enjoy a charming private bedroom with a full size bed with views of the farm. You will have a shared full bathroom.

Shared room

This is a large shared room with abundant natural light. The room includes one full size bed and one air mattress on the floor. This option includes a shared bathroom. For logistical purposes, the first person to sign up for this option will get the bed and the second will have the air mattress. Linens will be provided for the air mattress.


The "glamping" option is just that - glamorous camping :)  Please bring your tent and camping gear as well as headlamp. You will have a spot of soft fresh grass with a beautiful view of the orchard and be a few steps away from a bathroom just inside the workshop room.


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