Learn To Listen To The Wisdom Of Your Monthly Menstrual Cycle.

 Your menstrual cycle can become the inner oracle that acts as your barometer for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. If you have uncomfortable periods that disrupt your life, you do have the power to change it for the better. Your body speaks to you, you simply need to learn her language.

Here’s what you’ll Learn in the 3 Day course:

This email course will give you tools, practices and resources that will help you understand and respect your menstrual cycle, and all that it can teach you, in a much deeper way. Empowering yourself with deeper knowledge about your body will help you thrive all month long, not just when you are on your period. The course will be delivered via email so be sure to check your inbox.

  • How to reduce PMS symptoms - and learn from them.

  • How to boost your productivity throughout the month by understanding the 4 Phases of your monthly cycle.

  • Simple emotional release techniques that you can use to work with strong hormonally-charged emotions.

  • How to create a personal space for self care and retreat while on your period, even with a busy schedule.

  • Learn how to be honest about your needs and emotions and take responsibility for them.

  • Optimal foods to eat and supplements to take that can reduce discomfort while on your period.


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