take control of your monthly cycle and thrive.

If you are one of the many women who is out of commission for nearly two weeks out of every month (which is half of your life, btw!) then this course is for you. It will help you get your life back by giving you simple and effective tools, practices and resources for reducing and even eliminating menstrual symptoms. If you want to be more educated and more deeply connected to your body and your menstrual cycle, this course is also for you.

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Do you dread getting your period every month?

I used to get so frustrated with my period - like, what have I done to deserve this?! The bleeding and cramping, the mood swings and bloating, the low energy, and the emotions on overdrive. And all of this, after a week or more of PMS symptoms that made me feel like the wicked witch of the west.

I’ve been there, I know that the emotional and physical strain can be overwhelming and debilitating. And I know that it can affect your relationships, your job performance and your overall quality of daily life.


You aren’t the only one.

Many women suffer from intense menstrual symptoms each month. I’ve been one of those women. There are many factors that contribute to what has become a modern epidemic of women who suffer from debilitating periods. Theories range widely from environmental and dietary factors, to the effects of stress on our hormones, to the influence of patriarchy over the way we relate to our bodies as women.

No matter what the root causes may be, I want you to know that is is 100% possible to overcome uncomfortable and debilitating period symptoms. I have done it myself using the information and techniques that I’ve put together for you in this informative, digestible 7 Day course.

While some women do need medical attention, for most if us, the solutions are simple lifestyle and diet changes that will help you understand respect your incredible female body in a whole new way.


What if it didn’t have to be that way?

This course, 7 Days to a Better Period helps you learn how to give your body what it needs in order to come into balance. I’ve condensed decades of expert research and effective practices, along with the wisdom I have personally gleaned from my own healing journey, into an easy-to-understand format that includes information and techniques from leading doctors, writers, and healers.

Once you begin to make these lifestyle shifts, period freedom really can be yours.


Here is How it works

In this email course you will receive in-depth content broken down into 7 easy to follow modules, including practices, tools and supplemental resources that will support your success with this course.   You can expect a new email delivered to your inbox everyday for a week straight, making it easy to save and review anytime. Here is the break down of the topics introduced each day


Day 1

Understand and work with the 4 Phases of Your Monthly Menstrual Cycle in order to optimize your productivity and self care so that you don’t drop the ball when you get your period.

Day 2

Suggestions for optimal nourishment for menstrual symptom management and reduction. This will include specific information about foods and beverages to avoid and and foods, beverages and supplements to try incorporating into your diet for optimal nourishment that can support you throughout your entire menstrual cycle. 

Day 3

Transforming PMS: I’ll give you a simple four step process for approaching PMS in a way that will transform your relationship and your reactions to PMS symptoms when they arise. These simple practices, combined with an updated perspective on the real PURPOSE of PMS can be life changing. 

Day 4

Learn Emotional Release Techniques to help you release hormonally-charged emotions in a healthy way, so you can let that shit go and live your life!

Day 5

Our Partners and our Periods: It is very important to communicate needs and boundaries in your partnership when it comes to your entire menstrual cycle. Your needs change throughout the month, as your sex drive, energy levels and hormones ebb and flow throughout the 4 Phases of your cycle. 

Day 6

How to create a space for self care (aka a Red Tent): A step by step process for creating a safe sacred space for rest while on your period - no matter where you are.

Day 7

Menstruation as Meditation: A fresh perspective on what your menstrual cycle can teach you on a number of different (and sometimes surprising) personal levels. There are many aspects of life that your period can give you insight about! 


Take Control of Your Period.

Find the natural balance of your monthly cycle and learn to listen to the wisdom of your body.

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Hi I’m Chantal


I am a writer, women’s healer and founder of the BodyLove Project, a website and education hub that offers tools and resources that empower women to love, respect and care for their powerful bodies.

I also holds down a 9-5 job at a tech company. Over the past 15 years,I have traveled the world to meet teachers and dive deep into spiritual practices and have become very passionate about sharing what I’ve learned and helping women step into their power and authenticity.  I created the BodyLove Project to help women come to know and love their bodies in deeper way. I believe that learning to honor and respect our periods is HUGE piece of this puzzle.

I know from personal experience that it is truly is possible to heal an uncomfortable period and experience freedom and even deep love for our menstrual cycles. While I am not a doctor, nor to I do I offer any medical advice, what my course will give you is a gold mine of information, ideas and resources that can help you make powerful lifestyle changes to put you in touch with what your body is telling you it needs. Once you know how to listen to your body and recognize your own natural menstrual rhythm, you can choose from the myriad of tools I give you in this course to make adjustments that can totally transform your period so that you can live your best life. This is possible for you, and I am deeply committed to helping you get there. This course is your first big step toward period and PMS freedom.

Every women deserves to know the power of her body. Being connected to your cycle is the true female superpower!





“After this course, I find myself welcoming menstruation and the various stages of my cycle in a way I never did before. Bring it on!”



“This course was so empowering.  It enabled me to reframe my understanding of my cycle and to take advantage of this new knowledge to adjust my habits and expectations to the rhythms of my body.”



“This course gave me the knowledge and tools to live my life with my cycles instead of fighting them.”



"Seven months postpartum this work has me feeling so re-connected to myself and so empowered! Chantal has a gift for balancing a space for intellectual and intuitive exploration, holding a space where women can drop freely into their healing process."

7 Days To A Better Period Course