Learn To Listen To The Wisdom Of Your Cycle.

 Your menstrual cycle can become your inner oracle that lets you know what is and isn’t working for you physically and emotionally. If you have uncomfortable periods that disrupt your life, you have the power to change it for the better.

In This Course You Will Learn:

This course will give you tools, practices and resources that will help you have a better period, which in turn will help you thrive all month long. Your body speaks to you, you simply need to learn her language.

  • How to reduce PMS symptoms - and learn from them.

  • Boost your productivity throughout the month by understanding the phases of your monthly cycle (game changer!)

  • Simple emotional release techniques that you can use to work with strong hormonally-charged emotions.

  • How to care for yourself while on your period, even when you’re on the go and working.

  • Optimal foods to eat and supplements to take that can reduce discomfort while on your period.

  • Learn how to give yourself permission to be and feel in the moment (a.k.a honoring your inner crazy woman - yes, you’re allowed to!)


the healing power of your period


Learn to listen to your body.

This course will teach you how to transform your period into a powerful, restorative and insightful time. Learn to listen to what your body is telling you so that you can give your body, mind and spirit what is needed. Even if (especially if) you’re a woman on the go.

Nourish yourself optimally.

You’ll learn which foods and supplements can help ease your symptoms and optimize your energy, and which to avoid.

give yourself permission.

Learning to honor what we feel, rather than trying to cover it up or deny it, helps us learn to take responsibility for ourselves so that we don’t end up blaming others around us for our experience.

creating sacred personal space

A practical guide to creating a ‘red tent’ or ‘Moon lodge’ no matter where you are. Learn how to give yourself true rest and renewal by setting boundaries that are clear to others, to ensure you get your needs met.

express & release emotion healthily.

Learn a number of powerful and very simple techniques for expressing and letting go of strong emotions. If you can recognize and then release emotion in a healthy way, you can begin understand what your emotions are trying to tell you and transform them into wisdom.

Natural ways to deal with pms

Practical techniques and new perspectives on what PMS is and how to deal with it.


Course Details:

5 days of tools, resources and practices for self care while on your period (and still having to get shit done).

Once you sign up for the course, you will receive one module each day for 5 days sent right to your inbox. Each module will include a short, digestible lesson centered on the module topic, one actionable activity or tip to incorporate into your life, as well as resources that you can check out to explore the topic further.

Every woman is different and some modules and practices will resonate with you more than others. My goal is to give you a gold mine of resources from which to pull so that you can create your own personal period tool belt :)


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